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CLE Videos

1 Justice Edward L. Chavez
"Official Position of the Supreme Court of New Mexico" (24:09)

(with introduction by Brenda Castello)

2 Brenda Castello, Director/CFO, New Mexico Compilation Commission
"Compilation Commission: Its Governance and Unique Standard of Care" (12:05)

3 Raul Burciaga, Director, Legislative Council Service
"New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978™ - The Perils of Free" (19:19)

4 Joey D. Moya, Clerk of Court and Chief Counsel, Supreme Court of New Mexico
"Court Reports, Rules and Forms - Setting the Pace for State Courts" (21:15)

5 Carolyn Wolf, Montgomery & Andrews, PA, and former in-house counsel for
New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department
"Tax Laws and Regulations - The Devil is in the Details" (18:08)

6 Gary Don Reagan, Esq., Gary Don Reagan, P.A., small law firm practitioner,
former New Mexico State Senator and State Bar of New Mexico President
"Lawyer-to-Lawyer Perspecitve: Duty to Clients and Affordability of Official Sources" (18:15)